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The Strat "Mailing List"

A popular Strat Draft feature is now available to the general public. Join the Strat "Mailing List" and get the jump on new leagues and team openings. The sample below is one of many emails you will receive over the course of the subscription.


To: Billy Willy,

There's an opening in the UTOL, a Strat-O-Matic league which is also a user of Strat Draft. Please respond directly to this email only if you are interested in learning more about this opening, otherwise no response is needed.

We are a netplay retro league, we just finished the 1926 season getting ready to draft 1927 players. We are a keeper league with a bunch of great guys. 154 game season. 12 teams and have 2 openings as the 2 owners simply don’t have time for netplay. If interested I will send you an lzp league info is on the website at www…../index.html

The available teams are St Louis and Grand Rapids

Let me know ASAP if interested

John Doe


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3 different packages available


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