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 Center Field Insane
June 20, 2017
Charlie Blackmon is turning into a star.
Ginormous LH columns
Cutch elite again (on one side).

MLB First Impressions 10
June 16, 2017
Francis Martes has ace potential.

MLB First Impressions 9
June 16, 2017
Brinson and Fisher are strong first round options.

NFC East Rookie Notes
June 16, 2017
Elliot is an impact card in Strat.

Shortstops - Flying High Again
June 12, 2017
Four shortstops are over the 2,000 OB*TB mark.
Amazing production from top ten at position.

NFC North Rookie Thoughts
June 12, 2017
Chicago and Detroit clean up. Pack and Vikes, not so much.

NFC South Rookie Thoughts
June 12, 2017
Atlanta and New Orleans offer strong possibilities.

MLB First Impressions 8
June 10, 2017
Jesse Winker could be Strat Gold

Pitta Party
June 10, 2017
Low reception average hurts long pass columns.

AFC West Rookie Thoughts
June 08, 2017
Got Goff?

AFC West Rookie Thoughts
June 06, 2017
Bosa Nova Baby!!!

AFC South Rookie Thoughts
June 06, 2017
A shut down corner is available.

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