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New - Basic RC-RA
October 16, 2017
Odor has the worst RC-RA ever.
It's not even close.
File also includes hitter/pitcher stats/projections.

New - 10 NL Rookie Hitters Worth Getting
October 16, 2017
The quality continues way after Bellinger goes off the board.

MLB First Impressions 22
September 30, 2017
Excellent sleeper selections from Atlanta and Boston

\2017 Pitcher Card Breakouts
September 23, 2017
Arizona and Milwaukee pitchers will do very well in neutral parks.

2017 Pitcher Card Disappointments
September 18, 2017
Sometimes it takes 1 statistical area to do it.

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Strat Baseball 2017 Files
Basic Statistics and Card Projections

New - Rookie Pitchers With Issues
October 16, 2017
This isn't the draft to overhaul the rotation.

Infielders - Projected E Ratings

October 09, 2017
Correa with the SS-2e14 in the 2017 baseball game.

MLB First Impressions 23
October 06, 2017
We finish with mid-level relievers
and a first round selection from the Dodgers.

The Upcoming Schedule
September 14, 2017
What should happen here at Somworld between Oct and Mid-Dec.

Strat-O-Matic Color Ballparks & Sounds
new BP pic and loc for Jarry Park and new Astrodome.
new USA wav file with Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner

Strat BB 2017 First Impressions
MLB First Impressions 21
MLB First Impressions 20
MLB First Impressions 19
MLB First Impressions 18


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