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Ranking the SOM 2014 Ballparks
March 04, 2015
The ballparks that can accentuate or destroy your roster card value.

2015 Strat Prospects - Arizona Diamondbacks
March 04, 2015
Bradley and Tomas are strong first round targets in the 2015 rookie draft.

Best Keepers over 35
March 04, 2015
Utley still has good value as long as he maintains the 2B-2

Strat BB 2014 Draft Wrap
March 02, 2015
The top 24 pick placement average
Interesting fluctuations and tidbit from this year's draft.

The SOM Baseball Online Spreadsheet
February, 27, 2015
Recalculated RC-RA for use with Strat-O-Matic Baseball Online 2014
Includes xERA calculations for pitchers
See which hitters and pitchers have the best salary/performance ratio.

Strat BB 2014 Quick Links
February 27, 2015
This page is a reference for some of the more important files and articles from the 2014 draft season.

Center Field Keeper Rankings
February 26, 2015
Some excellent choices that will serve you
well for the remainder of the decade.

Corner Outfield Keeper Rankings
February 26, 2015
Some excellent choices that will serve you
well for the remainder of the decade.

Super Hal League File
February 24, 2014
Copy the Manager Tendencies, Super Hal Bullpen Logic,
and Super Hal Baserunning for your draft league team.

Shortstop Keeper Rankings
February 22, 2015
Only a limited number of shortstops have
keeper value because of RC-RA considerations.

Best SP Cards for Draft Leagues
February 22, 2015
SP keepers with an expectation for
the 150 to 550 OB*TB range.

Second Tier SP Cards
February 22, 2015
SP keepers with a 550 to 650 OB*TB range
that can be a 1 to a 3 in a given set.

First Round Draft Breakdown
February 22, 2015
It's a great draft for outfielders and pitchers.

Second Base Keeper Rankings
February 19, 2015
It's hard finding quality after you get past the top players.

Third Base Keeper Rankings
February 19, 2015
This is a deeper position than some might think.

Catchers Keeper Rankings
February 19, 2015
The top 5 cards at the position offer great value.

2014 Multi-Cards Spreadsheet
February 17, 2015
based on a BP SI & HR 1-9

The SOMWORLD Philosophy
February 13, 2015
How to navigate the world
of draft league baseball.


Order Somworld Today!!!

Order Somworld Today!!!
New -
SOMWORLD 2014 Draft Grid

March 02, 2015
35 drafts. Adjusted Pick Placement Spreadsheet.

New feature for Projector users.
Get the SOMWORLD staff
feedback before you make the big deal.

2014 Draft Guide

Strat BB 2014 Files
2014 Official RC-RA Spreadsheet
SOM Ratings 2B + 3B Units
Over/Under Pitchers
Over/Under Hitters
NECROMANCER 2014 Player Values

RC-RA, OB*TB by Ballpark
NL East Hitters & Pitchers
NL Central Hitters & Pitchers
NL West Hitters & Pitchers
AL East Hitters & Pitchers
AL Central Hitters & Pitchers
AL West Hitters & Pitchers

Strat BB 2014 Final RC-RA Scores
First Base RC-RA
First Base Over/Under
Second Base RC-RA
Second Base Over/Under
Third Base RC-RA
Third Base Over/Under
Shortstop RC-RA
Shortstop Over/Under
Left Field RC-RA
Left Field Over/Under
Center Field RC-RA
Center Field Over/Under
Right Field RC-RA
Right Field Over/Under
Catcher RC-RA
Catcher Cards - Over/Under

Strat BB 2014 Draft Analysis
Staff Picks & Pans First Round
Staff Picks & Pans Second Round
Staff Picks & Pans Third Round
Gary on the Fourth Round
Ranking the Top Rookie Hitters
Think & Draft Strat
February First Round Draft Trends
Second/Third Round Pick Placement Shifts
New Draft Results
Ranking the Top Rookie SP Cards
Trading Before the Draft
Draft Day 2014 Trends
What Happens on Draft Day 2014
Sleepers for the 2015 Campaign
Decliners in the 2015 Season
First Base Rankings - FINAL
Second Base Rankings - FINAL




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