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Updated - AL Ballparks - Hitters
February 16, 2018
Version 2.0 with RA column adjustment.
Compare Nolan Arenado in
Tampa Bay and Texas

New -
2018 Opening Day Draft Grid Averages
February 15, 2018
How the picks are going down
as draft season is in full swing.

New -
NL Ballparks - Pitchers
February 14, 2018
We rate the pitchers in all NL ballparks.

AL Ballparks - Pitchers
February 12, 2018
Each pitcher rated for each AL ballpark
What's the best ballpark for your rotation?

Breaking Down The Draft
February 09, 2018
What's happening in the 2017 drafts?
Where are the cards going off the board?

Draft Roundtable - Fourth Round
February 09, 2018
Last opportunity for depth SP cards.

Draft Roundtable - Third Round
February 07, 2018
Plenty of sleepers and future considerations.

SOMWORLD Ratings Guide Supercharger
February 06, 2018
Add 2B and 3B units to your Baseball Ratings Guide

SOMWORLD Fielding Bible 2017
February 02, 2018
Compare players at primary and secondary positions

Draft Roundtable - First Round
February 01, 2018
Sounding off on hits and misses, picks and pans.

Draft Roundtable - Second Round
February 01, 2018
Sleeper outfield talent is available.

SP Rotation Grid
February 01, 2018
Taijuan Walker becomes a Strat Star.

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 Updated -  SOMWORLD 2017 Draft Grid
February 15, 2018
4 new drafts, 10 total from Jan/Feb 2018.

New -
 Strat-O-Matic Marketplace
A new place to buy/sell/trade anything Strat.

Advanced Sabermetrics File
February 08, 2018
wOBA, RAA, and WAR

SOMWORLD RC-RA Spreadsheet
Nolan Arenado and Giancarlo Stanton dominate.
Jose Altuve and Marcell Ozuna round out top five.

Strat BB 2017 Files
Super Advanced Draft Guide
RC-RA Spreadsheet
Advanced Sabermetrics File
Fielding Bible 2017
MLB 2017 Advanced Statistics
SOMWORLD 2017 Draft Grid


Primary Position RC-RA Rankings


Pitchers Card Unit Analysis
175+ IP  
125-174 IP
75-124 IP
74- IP

Relievers (40+ IP)
Relievers (39- IP)

Ranking the SP Cards
First Round
Second Round
Third Round

SOMWORLD Draft Guide
Top 120 (PDF Version)

Round One   Round Two   Round Three
Round Four   Round Five   Round Six


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