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SOMWORLD 2017 Renewals



1. Choose a subscription plan from below.
2. Set Up Your User Name and Password

You will receive a confirmation email to your PayPal address during normal business hours. It may take 2 to 4 hours for activation during the winter months. New subscriptions for existing customers are prorated from the current expiration date.

SOMWORLD + Projector

$18 (previously unavailable)


SOMWORLD + Strat Planner

$19 (previously unavailable)

TURBO (2-Years)

$50 (save $30)


SOMWORLD (1-year)
$10 (save $2)
SOMWORLD + Necromancer
$18 (save $3)
SOMWORLD (2-years)
$20 (save $4)

SOMWORLD + Necromancer +
$25 (save $5)

SOMWORLD + Necromancer (2-years)
$31 (save 25 percent)
TURBO (all 4 products)
$30 (save 25 percent)

Plan Details

Features Turbo Projector Necro Basic
Strat Planner X      
Download MLB Stats X X    
Strat Card Projections X X    
Draft League Analysis Tool X X    
Trade Analysis X X X  
Roster Evaluation X X X  
Card Projection X X X  
Strat BB Draft Guide X X X X
Strat BB Strategy Articles X X X X
Somworld BB Draft Grid X X X X
Somworld Articles & Files X X X X









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